International Conference "Inhabit the Future" - 25 years GEBALIS

​​​​​On the 25th anniversary of GEBALIS, we are proud to announce the online hosting of the International Conference “Inhabiting the Future”, on the 18th of November 2020.

With live broadcast on the GEBALIS channel and Instagram and on the website of ECO digital newspaper, “Inhabit the Future” will bring together internationally renowned personalities from the Academy and from international organizations linked to public housing policies.

Two themes - Innovation and Sustainability in Housing Policies in an era of uncertainty and Challenge for public housing policies in the next decade - moderated by professors Luis Vicente Batista, Vice Rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Sandra Maques Pereira, DINÂMIA researcher 'ISCTE CET, will bring to the debate ​Lucía Martín (Barcelona Municipality), Christophe Lalande (United Nations - Habitat), Barbara Steenbergen (International Union of Tenants), Julie Lawson ( Center for Urban Research -RMIT University’s, Melbourne), ​Sorcha Edwards (Housing Europe) and the sociologist Saskia Sassen (Columbia University) , a central figure in the international panorama of urban sociology.

This conference intends to be a space for profound reflection on the future challenges of housing policies so that these can be responsibly deployed in an integrated way and meet the demographic, social and cultural changes that are rapidly marking new housing problems.

The role of cities in determining housing policies and, ultimately, housing conditions for their inhabitants has become an important political topic in recent years. In addition to these, other issues such as mobility, technology, energy, consumption, spatial distribution, and social justice show us — especially for those with responsibilities in Housing Management — how an integrated urban approach can provide sustainable political initiatives. 
In these matters, the dimension of the “local” assumes special importance, through concrete partnerships where communities, residents, civil society, and the state have a shared role and can design concrete solutions.  However, the local is intertwined with the “global” dimension and does not dispense national and European measures.
On 18th November, between 9.30 and 16.30 (Lisbon time) connect to our channels and watch the International Conference “Inhabit the Future” on your mobile phone, tablet and computer.